The Tank Chair by Pharrell Williams


The latest installment of Pharrell's Perspective series in the shape of The Tank Chair. Check it out @ Emmanuel Perriton Gallery. This is Pharrell's latest touch in contemporary furniture, it comes in four colorways and is made of plexiglas and full grain colt leather.


One of the hottest acts out right now with his album release just a few days ago he's only getting hotter. He's on on the cover of Honey Magazine’s November digital issue Wale sat down with HONEY magazine and shared how he feels about Solange:

On Solange
“I do love her,” he admits of Solange, flashing a Cheshire. “We’re friends. She’s amazing. She’s a good person. Any single mother contributing to society the way she does – I got a lot of love for them. She’s got to do a lot on her own and raise a young black man in this day and age so my hat goes off to her. She’s definitely an anomaly. And the way she can do that and manage to do the same things that I complain about having to do.”

His affection is as obvious as a set of flushed cheeks. And impossibly adorable. Wale, the former mixtape rapper from inner city DC, is borderline giddy. “Did you interview Solange about me?” Wale asks. He’s sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. “Did she smile when you mentioned my name?”

On his album Attention Deficit

“This is my biography,” Wale says of Attention: Deficit, which leaked a couple of weeks before it’s official date. “It’s honest. Raw emotion. It’s close to me. That’s why part of me will be a little offended if it doesn’t get heard. I don’t want people to take lack of sales as me taking a hit. This is something different. My label is letting me put out an album with a single that released seven months ago. We’re not going for first week sales. We only shipping out 30,000 of them. We’re going for that grind. We’re showing people that you can build a fanbase the old fashioned way.”

On relationships

“It’s about the intangibles in 2010,” he says. “The superficial shit is cool – like, yeah she can fuck, or she got a big butt. That’s the x factor. We’re not going to have sex 24/7 so we need to be friends. I want a girl who you could hijack all her extra artificial cosmetics for a week and not even notice. Somebody who’s smart and can stimulate me mentally because when you on the road it’s not like you can look at ‘em or touch ‘em. I can’t stand girls who don’t challenge their intellect. It don’t hurt if she can sing a little bit.”

On his female fans

“I think people try too hard to market to females,” says Wale. “They insult their intelligence. I feel like there are going to be a lot of females who miss out on some great music on my album just because I wasn’t a huge radio artist.”

On his peers

“I got work to do before I even catch up to Cudi and Drake,” he admits. “They’ve progressed a little bit quicker than I have. I worked twice as hard because I wasn’t fortunate enough to be under a successful rapper to inherit some of their fan base. I had to work for it all and my city had to hold me down.”

See full interview at HONEY

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