New Boondocks Season 3 Clip: Wil.I.Am feat Thugnificent - "Dick Riding Obama"

Video: The Boondocks - Season 3 (Trailer)

Set to the tune of Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C.” Aaron McGruder returns with the final season of The Boondocks on May 2nd

Guess Who Wrote Diddy’s Verse On ‘O Let’s Do It’

If you're anything like us, you've been wondering who penned Diddy's verse on Waka Flocka Flame's "O Let's Do It Remix." Well, a source in Diddy's camp revealed to VIBE Confidential that Diddy's 16 was actually written by two ghostwriters.

According to the source, rapper Aasim wrote the first four bars ("I got my billions up/fuckin' with them white folks/Now I don't give a fuck/'cause I'm richer than them white folks/Lamborghini truck/y'all ain't even seen it yet/Bought me Teterboro just so I could Diddy Bop and land my jet"). No surprise there, as Aasim has been Diddy's number one rhyme writer for years.

The second collaborator behind the next 12 bars, the source said, is none other than Rick Ross: "Pimpin' in my convo/bitches in my combo/pictures of Christopher on my wall up in my condo." And this line: "I don't fuck with lame hoes/All I touch is J. Los/All I drink is my shit/Ciroc by the case load."

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