What is Bad Bunch Clothing?

Bad Bunch Clothing, a premium limited edition clothing line, focuses mainly on t-shirts, accessories and outwear when the season permits. The skeleton to our products is our view on the fashion industry from an inner city perspective. We twist, fabricate, express how we see the World, and feed it to the public. Drawing from every aspect of fashion, our designs and genre compromises everything. From the edgy street wear staples to the loose free spirited punk scene delivered with couture's elegance and detail. We touch on it all but deliver it how we see it should be done.

Bad Bunch is separated into two streams. There's "The Bunch Series" which is heavy on illustrations, characters and satire. The Bunch Series is the more limited section of our line and centers around the artistic concept of a free mind.

We also feature "The B-Bad Collection" which explores various patterns and textiles. This collection offers products for customers who are more inclined towards abstract detailing and simplified esthetics. Taking a stance for individualism and unique expression. We plan to keep our position in the clothing industry as just that, a unique individual.